Let’s Talk About REAL Electoral College Reform

In a number of key swing states, state legislators have either spoken in favor of, or introduced legislation, that would switch their respective states to a system in which Electoral College votes were allocated depending on the outcome of the popular vote of the state’s individual congressional districts. The proposals would switch the states’ allocation method to a congressional district based method as opposed to the current winner-take-all system based upon the state’s total popular vote. The well-documented political nature of the redistricting efforts by both Republican and Democrats underscores the importance of moving away from political ploys when it comes to Electoral College reform and adopting a truly democratic solution that is representative of the country’s desires.[1] Click HERE to read more.

[1] Keesha Gaskins & Sundeep Iyer, Why We Need Redistricting Reform, BRENNAN CENTER FOR JUSTICE (Nov. 8, 2012), http://www.brennancenter.org/blog/why-we-need-redistricting-reform.